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11 pcs non stick spatula kitchenware cooking set

11 pcs non stick spatula kitchenware cooking set

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Elaborate material: silicone + rubber wood

Silica gel:
1. Direct contact with food, good flexibility, not afraid of pulling and kneading.
2. It can withstand a temperature difference of -40ᄚC to 230ᄚC, is stable and durable, and is also used in infant products and medical plastic
Wait, use environmental protection assured.

Rubber wood:
The wooden structure is thick and uniform, with slanted texture, harder wood, light yellowish brown color, obvious annual rings, dark circles on the ring boundary, and few tube holes.

Maintenance tips:
1. Avoid exposure to the sun, so as not to cause discoloration and yellowing of the silicone, cracking the wooden handle
2. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents or hard objects to clean, it is recommended to wipe with a soft cloth.
3. Make sure that it is dry before each use and before storage.

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